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Fernando Martinez Makes the Right Decision


This really is a make or break season for Fernando Martinez.  He is out of options and is dangerously close to losing his prospect tag for good and never fulfilling his true potential.  Martinez was planning on playing in the World Baseball Classic for Spain until he made a wise decision and decided against it.

Of course it is always a good thing to have the chance to represent your country and play on the international stage, and that is not something that should be taken lightly.  However, sometimes a selfish decision needs to be made, and you need to put your career first.  That is exactly what Martinez is doing.  By missing valuable time in Spring Training he would be hindering his development and preparation for the 2013 season.  More importantly, it is hard to win a job when you are not there to compete for it.

"I just thought about and I figured it would be a lost couple of weeks and I want to make the team here."

That is what Martinez was quoted as saying in Brian McTaggart’s blog when talking about the decision.  This attitude is refreshing around the Astros as the young players are truly committed to improving not only their performance, but that of the team.

Fernando Martinez (Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports)

Jeff Luhnow was honest when he said that Martinez’s chances to make the team likely would be hurt by playing in the World Baseball Classic.  Martinez took those words to heart and made an educated decision that could very well effect his career path.  If Martinez makes the team and goes 20/20 this season, this could be the decision we all look back to.