Astros to sign Jose Veras


The Astros had been pretty quiet for most of the Winter until the last two days. After signing Carlos Pena yesterday, rumor has it that Jose Veras is next, today actually. While the signing appears official, everyone and their mother has reported it, we still have no word from the Stros or Jeff Luhnow. The question of why the signing hasn’t been announced yet is one that creates some intrigue but the signing itself is its own story.

Jose Veras Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Veras is a nice addition and pretty affordable which could come in very handy come July 31st. While I wasn’t overly thrilled with the Pena signing, I am very enthused about this one. Veras had a rough year last season and still had a mid 3.00 ERA while striking out over a batter an inning. Stros would certainly be overjoyed to have him rebound but even a repeat of 2012 would be welcomed. The Stros need help in their bullpen and they got it with Veras while also acquiring a potential asset, a good one.

Now a little speculation from my end, why hasn’t this signing been officially announced? I don’t think I’ve missed an announcement or confirmation while quite a few sources have confirmed the signing. The reason is more than likely reasonable, such as a physical or decision over which player is DFA. I like to dream a little bigger; could a trade be in the works? Well, given the demand for Bud Norris and Jed Lowrie, a trade is coming, but how soon is the question?  Jayson Stark sent an interesting tweet this morning regarding what many already assumed. The Stros are talking trades and many expect Jeff Luhnow will make the necessary moves to make this team better long term but not for 2013. Could something happen tonight or tomorrow, sure, but wasn’t Jose Veras signed yet, could be an interesting twist.

So the Astros have a setup and potential closer which will help a very young bullpen. Whether it gets announced tonight or tomorrow, the Astros are getting better and filling holes even if it means shopping at Savers instead of Macy’s. Now, we wait and see if there is anything to the wait or if I’m simply a desperate blogger looking for a tad bit of water in a desert of speculation that is the 2013 offseason.