LogoGate continues to haunt the Stros


What is going on with MLB and this logo thing? Is Bud sending the Stros a not so kind going away present or maybe his intern is the guilty party? Regardless, MLB did it again, unveiling the new Astros logo and ball cap design Tuesday morning. Once again, one of the loyal Astros twitter followers found the major screw up on Astros.com. Not sure if the Stros are doing this on purpose to draw up interest by providing breadcrumbs for fans to follow or if this is truly a mess up either way, it probably needs to stop.

Jose Altuve. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

Screw up or not, the logo itself is nice. As the prior leaks confirmed, the logo reiterates a throwback to the more traditional Astros logo with slight variations. The logo appears more three dimensional with a writing around the logo. The ball caps seem as if they will use a brighter looking blue than their predecessor which used a darker, navy blue type color scheme.  We still haven’t seen how the orange will be utilized but make no mistake, the orange will be prominently used. We may see it on the regular jerseys or alternates but Friday we should get plenty of orange.

Given the leaks, not sure how much of a “launch” the big launch party will be this Friday evening but it should still be interesting. The Astros, in their latest statements, emphasized once again that the new brand will be debuted Friday. They acted fairly quickly and tried to save face but the damage had been done, whatever true damage was actually made. Part of me still thinks that this might be an intentional stunt to promote the launch by giving the fans a taste. That would possibly bring more excitement to the event Friday. Regardless, we are getting closer to the big day and the newest era of Astros baseball should start off with a bang.