Bullpen Coach Stretch Suba Done In Houston After 36 Years


The rebrand continues.

Yesterday the Houston Astros organization announced that Stretch Suba, the team’s bullpen assistant coach, would not return as a part of the team next year.


Suba was undoubtedly one of my favorite coaches on the team. Hell, the guy has been a part of the team since before my parents had even thought of me.

Suba joined on with the club in 1978.  2012 was his 36th consecutive season with the club.

I would say that the move was an unexpected one, but two things this offseason would have me say otherwise.

  1. No one is safe. From the front office, to the roster, to the coaching staff, to the radio and tv crew and everyone else. At this point, the guy inside the mascot suit should be worried.
  2. With the hiring of Bo Porter, it was safe to assume that he would be bringing in his own talent from around the league.

Still, I didn’t expect to see Suba go.

Porter is expected to complete his coaching staff later this week.

It is still unknown at this point what Suba’s next move will be. I don’t see him calling it quits and riding off into the sunset, but I do know that it will be very strange to see him in anything other than an Astros uniform.