Big oops gives Astros’ fans a glimpse into the future


Honestly, unless you’ve been living under a rock, most Astros’ fans realized Friday afternoon what the new, or old, logo would be. Saying that, Friday’s goof by a local Houston Academy caused quite a stir. Noticed by a fan, @astromo1977, and reported over the web, the madness quickly took over the internet. For those who haven’t heard, the Astros’ new logo was leaked Friday via an Academy who released the merchandise that was obviously meant for November 3rd, The logo, noticed above in the article, is going to be very familiar to all fans but does have a new wrinkle to it. In reality, the gaffe helps keep the club in the news during a pretty slow time of the baseball offseason.

Jose Altuve is awarded an all-star jersey by Brad Mills: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

The logo itself is pretty much what was used for over 30 years and what most fans have been desperate to see for quite some time. The biggest difference seems to be the dimensional aspect of the logo. The new logo appears to be coming out just a bit with more defined angles and shades. This comes after over a decade of using the current pinstripe design and the darn train theme. I never quite understood how the Astros and trains ever made sense, even with Union Station. This will be the most Astronomical design which incorporates the old with the new, would also be a welcomed site to most fans. They will be on full display next Friday and CTH will be right there to cover it. However, given the internet and twitter, today, I fully expect another leak to happen any day now, I just don’t think you can keep that hidden for much longer.

So Academy is in trouble and, more specifically, whoever let that darn box out onto the sales floor. I can see the Astros being pretty upset but we all knew this would be the new logo, didn’t we? We understand the old is the new right now so nothing that was revealed was shocking and it should be welcomed with open arms. Yesterday’s activities simply helps build momentum for next Friday’s big night and official unveiling party to continue re-creating the Astros.