Astros give fans glimpse of things to come this weekend


So the Astros pretty much ended the Brewers chances of post-season play on Friday and made it official on Sunday. I won’t go into the recap of the game but I will expand on what the Stros put on display this weekend. The young guns did their thing all weekend and gave fans a glimpse of what Brett Wallace, Matt Dominguez and Jordan Lyles could do. Regardless of the level of disappointment the Stros brought fans in this lost season, weekends like this make the waiting seem just a little shorter.

Justin Maxwell & Matt Dominguez: Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Last Tuesday, as I sat watching the Cardinals pretty much have their way with our beloved nine, I had a thought come through my mind, could this really be the rebuilding plan. After all, the Stros preached time and understanding however sitting through that game felt like torture. Since then, it seems my answer has been provided. They’ve won 3 out of 4 and have looked like the feisty club we saw for most of April and May, the Brew Crew can be witnesses to that. Jordan Lyles looked beastly today and it seemed like every young player had a hand in the Brewers elimination this weekend. For the next few years, I hope that phrase becomes common place.

Almost every team outside of New York and Boston have to rebuild and the Brewers are a good team to view as hope that something will happen sooner than later. They took a while to get good but have maintained relevance over that past few years, they shouldn’t be going away either. So for the Astros to eliminate a team they might look very similar to, very shortly,  is quite the accomplishment. Throw in the fact that the Brewers former owner, Bud Selig, was responsible, along with Uncle D, for one of the most memorable travesties in Astros history and it was truly a weekend to remember.