Astros’ 4 homers just enough


So the Stros are actually playing the role of spoilers decently. They extended the Pirates misery, took an important win from the Cardinals and basically nailed the coffin shut on the Brewers with a 7-6 victory on Friday night. The win featured a nice quartet of homers, including a pair from Jason Castro. Yep, you read that right, Jason freaking Castro, same guy who had three coming into action last night. I’m sure my article from earlier this week had zero to do with it. The pitching staff did just enough and Wilton Lopez held on for the much appreciated victory.

Jason Castro: (Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE)

Brett Wallace and Jose Altuve joined Castro on the home run brigade, Wallace continues to show good power and has set himself up nicely for the  2013 campaign  His slow September, not withstanding, Wallace has shown the kind of power we all begged to see and it appears the conditioning issue is a thing of the past. Jose Altuve hit his second homer in as many games after going over 100 ABs without one. The Astros 2nd baseman of the future has had a truly great season and has established himself as an unquestioned cornerstone for the future. Castro’s two homers were surprising but also a great sign that he might be turning the corner in all phases of his game.

Edgar Gonzalez did just enough to get the victory, pitching 5 1/3 innings of decent 3 run ball. Wilton Lopez did not impress but a bad outing here or there shouldn’t be unexpected. Lopez has been great all season and has continued to excel since the Brett Myers trade and Francisco Cordero debacle. If he survives the winter, I assume he will be the Stros closer next season.