Zachary Levine Leaving Houston Chronicle, Astros Writing Position


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 2012 Has been a season in which the Houston Astros have been quite busy reshaping the team and organization as a whole. There is no question about it; the Jim Crane/Jeff Luhnow Era is in full effect. While things are looking up for the future of the roster, Astros fans have had to say goodbye to some of the people, and rabbits, we have grown to love.

On Tuesday afternoon Zachary Levine joined the list of those who will not be a part of the team in 2013 when he announced via Twitter that he was leaving the position of Astros beat writer for the Houston Chronicle.

As a writer I have always paid extra attention to Mr. Levine’s style and respect his passion and love for both writing as well as the game itself.

As a fan of any team, it’s always a joy to know those who cover the team are willing to take time out of their day to talk with you. In his tenure with the Astros, Zachary made a success out of not just telling a story about a ball game but making it feel like the readers at home were right there with him.

It is unclear as to where Levine’s next destination will be. He tweeted out “#MysteryTeam” as well as “Don’t know the next stop, but it will be closer to home” in regards to what life has in store for next season as well as the future.

Zach, if you are reading this, I know it’s been a rough couple of years in Houston record wise, but when one door shuts another one opens. Here is a Texas-sized thank you from all of us for all of your hard work in covering the team. Regardless of the wins and losses, who’s on first or if Roger Clemens is really coming back to pitch, you have made this season as well as your entire tenure with the team an enjoyable one for the fans.

Thanks for celebrating with us in the ups, and sharing our sorrow in the downs. Thanks for helping to educate us on everything behind the scenes, and sharing our sorrow in the downs. Thanks for your insight on the players and coaches, and sharing our sorrow in the downs.

I’m not sure where Mr. Levine will end up next but I am certain that wherever the destination is, they will be receiving an outstanding talent.

Who knows, maybe it will be with another National League team. I’m still looking forward to reading his article the morning after the Astros claim their first World Series Championship, even if that means him writing from the visitor’s side of the press box now.

All jokes aside, thanks for everything Mr. Levine. We will miss you in Houston.

The Houston Chronicle will name Brian Smith (Utah Jazz beat writer/NBA reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune) as Levine’s replacement.