All-Star MVP Cabrera in more hot water


Last week it was announced that San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera had been ordered to serve a 50-game suspension after failing a drug test. Cabrera may have played his final game in a Giants uniform unless the team manages to qualify for the playoffs in his absence. But Melky could be in even bigger trouble. The New York Daily News is reporting that the All-Star Game MVP devised a plot and fabricated evidence in an attempt to have his suspension overturned.

Now federal investigators are taking a closer look at Cabrera, his representatives, and members of his entourage. One person that the feds are focusing on is Juan Nunez, a consultant retained by Cabrera’s agents to assist with Spanish-speaking clients. Nunez allegedly paid $10,00 in an attempt to manufacture evidence that Cabrera obtained a tainted supplement via the internet. MLB investigators quickly saw through the ruse and called in the feds to help further the investigation.

Nunez is claiming that Cabrera’s agents had no knowledge of his actions. ACES, the New York based agency that represents Cabrera, issued a statement asserting their innocence. It will be interesting to watch as the investigation unfolds.

Cabrera, acquired from the Kansas City Royals during the offseason was having a career year with the Giants. He is in the final year of his contract and will become a Free Agent at the end of the season. Cabrera will surely take a hit financially as a result of the steroid scandal. Not only does he lose 50 games worth of salary during the suspension, but his image is now tainted to the point where teams will not offer him a big Free Agent contract this winter. That is, if he’s not in jail.

And what about his All-Star Game MVP Award? People were ready to strip Ryan Braun of the MVP when it was reported that he had used steroids. Cabrera has been confirmed to have cheated. Shouldn’t he have his hardware repossessed? This also gives us another reason to abolish a silly rule imposed by Commissioner Selig. The National League now has home field advantage in this year’s World Series partly due to a player that was using PEDs. If this was the NCAA that player would probably be declared ineligible and the win turned into a loss. I wonder what Mr. Selig has to say about that.