Rebuilding can be fun again


Okay so I don’t want to be a buzz kill after the last two nights of thrilling victories, after all wins of any kind are appreciated right now. The issue is that,  winning a couple of games, no matter how dramatic, shouldn’t wipe away the weeks, even months, of poor baseball. I remember the early 90s and just how exciting it was to see Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Ken Caminiti, Luis Gonzalez and Steve Finley all grow up together. There were frustrating moments and other times when all you could do was shake your head but it was all pointing toward something. The current group of Astros don’t have that same feel nor should they. Houston is rebuilding, no doubt, but the middle of the Stros order the last couple of nights were comprised of Steve Pearce, Scott Moore and Brian Bogusevic.

I know that middle of the order will change and probably quickly but it’s still hard for me to accept at times. Fernando Martinez is up and that’s great and soon enough Jason Castro will be back from rehab which should make me a bit more happy. I’m probably over analyzing things and crying over spilled milk a little too hard yet I feel like more change is needed. I understand Jimmy Paredes isn’t up because he needs more time in the outfield and Matt Dominguez probably needs another month to improve his hitting but the fact journeymen are hitting 4-5-6 make me want to see them now. Couldn’t Paredes learn how to play the outfield in Houston, given he probably could bring more pop to the lineup? Couldn’t Matt Dominguez work on his bat at the big league level, considering he could probably win a gold glove now?

Friday night, during the broadcast, the idea was floated that Brett Wallace would play a lot of third because Moore hurt his knee, at least I believe that was the reason given. So why not simply bring up Dominguez now and let Wallace play 1st? Okay, so Wallace is no longer thought of as the 1st baseman of the future so playing him at 3rd makes sense but the reason given last night didn’t make sense. I’m sure Dominguez will be up in a couple of weeks, if not sooner, and my whining will be for naught. I trust Jeff Luhnow has a plan and it’s in full swing but the fan in me is screaming for something more immediate. If the Astros are going to lose then lose with their young guns blazing just like they did over 20 years ago. Again, my complaining sounds more like whining than anything else but I’m pretty frustrated and the last few ingredients to shut me up are playing at AAA when they should be in Houston.