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PTBNL is the key to the Myers deal


I’m stating the obvious really. Brett Myers, and paying such a large portion of his salary, has to bring you back more than two non-prospects, right? I think it should and seeing what Jeff Luhnow turned so may spare parts into over the last six months, I’m willing to bet on it. Actually, Ed Wade made me begin to look at “Players to be named later” as something valuable rather than just a thrown in. Considering the value I believe Brett possessed, I think we might be in for another surprise shortly.

Brett Myers wasn’t perfect over his tenure in Houston and he certainly wasn’t going to be confused with Dennis Eckersley but his overall 2012 season has been a success. Removing a nightmarish outing vs the Royals and Brett Myers’ stats would look oh so much nicer. He has been much more hittable over the past month but his overall value is unquestioned. I honestly assumed he could fetch one pretty good prospect, similar to the Carlos Lee deal, so the PTBNL is my last chance to be proven right. I like to be right and I’m pretty confident that this will be the case again, consider the below quote from Zachery Levine as evidence. Saying all this doesn’t mean I don’t think Jeff Luhnow has seen something in the other two young pitchers that most of us wouldn’t see but it would be very easy to say, “is that it?”

So who could the White Sox send over as the mysterious PTBNL? Who really knows because unlike the Royals trade this Spring Training or even the Blue Jays deal on Friday, a 2011 draft pick doesn’t seem to fit the mold. Someone on the DL or maybe even a situation like last season when Domingo Santana was chosen from a list of players sound like the best bet. This one is very hard to tell but I’m pretty confident Jeff Luhnow is about to pull his next rabbit out of his black hat. After all, he did just trade J.A. Happ and Carlos Lee within a month, that is saying something.