Can Mills really last the season?


I love the Astros, always have and always will but let’s be honest, this is getting embarrassing. I get young teams make mistakes and have lapses in concentration however seeing how the team struggled to get out of their own way yesterday and the week before was pretty hard to watch. At the same time, I recognize that Brad Mills isn’t all to blame but at some point it becomes time to cut the cord. Jeff Luhnow has talked about letting Mills close out the season and then re-evaluate his position but after each loss that piles up, it’s hard to justify. The losses aren’t just tough, they are tough to watch and that has taken a toll on the fanbase.

I can accept losses and lots of them, afterall we are rebuilding the franchise from the ground up. However, the losses have gotten progressively worse and laughable. At times the only thing you can do is laugh but one thing is constant, Brad Mills’ blank stare onto a field full of sub-par players he has to field. It’s not their fault or Mills’ fault for that matter but when not one of your outfielders has an OPS of over .700, there is a problem. This is where the captain may need to take the fall for his ship’s failures. You could bring up Jack Shuck, Fernando Martinez and Brandon Barnes from Oklahamoa City but none of those guys are Mike Trout or Bryce Harper. No clear cut answer is available for Mills or Luhnow but at least a shock could wake up the club from what appears to be a constant malaise.

As I write this, Luhnow must have been reading my mind because the change has begun. With the 10-player deal with Toronto complete, the pitching staff will look a lot different and Ben Francisco will provide much needed pop against left handed pitching but that can only be the start. Jeff knows that and he will provide it very soon. Expect more deals and even some that we never would have expected. The club needs it, I understand a strict rebuilding plan and how important the July 31st deadline will be but change must happen sooner than later. The Astros can’t keep getting their brains beat in and if they continue down this road, there truly is no justification for keeping Mills. Keeping Mills would almost be inhumane at this point and unfair. Mills’ decision process has taken a back seat simply because the games aren’t close enough and the roster isn’t good enough to matter. August 1st can’t come soon enough though for the fans of the Astros and Brad Mills.