Where are Brett Wallace and Jimmy Paredes?


Well, we know where they are but they aren’t where they should be. You knew the day would come when Jeff Luhnow would get some sort of criticism and in reality it may not be him but he’ll get it in this case. Brett Wallace and Jimmy Paredes should be in Houston not Oklahoma City. Let’s be honest, what is the point of playing Scott Moore and having Brian Bixler on the roster? Journeymen, who on a losing team, provide very little to an already struggling club. Wallace, more than Paredes, needs to be evaluated and not just mashing AAA pitching anymore. Paredes has impressive tools and talent that oozes out of him, the Astros need more of that. I get it’s more like when than if with both these guys but how about now?

When Carlos Lee was dealt didn’t you and everyone else think Brett Wallace would get called up? I did and we were all wrong but at least the sentiment was that at the break everything would be reevaluated. It was and he is still not here, why not? Scott Moore has done well but he is irrelevant to the Astros’ future. Don’t mean to be cruel or seem like a jerk but when your team is struggling as bad as the Astros are, give me a logical answer to why Scott is playing first and not Brett. Does the front office want to create some trade value for Scott? I guess that is somewhat logical, look at the Justin Ruggiano deal. That said, isn’t Wallace’s development more important than acquiring farm system depth? I also understand Matt Dominguez being at AAA, guy is still young and has certain things to work on but Wallace has played third this season and Chris Johnson has a .712 OPS.

While Brett not being here is a huge mystery to me, Paredes is equally confusing. Jimmy has been very good since his return from injury and even with a recent four game slide, has looked ready for the big leagues again. While I’m sure Jimmy has a number of things to work on still, the Astros could give him valuable experience at a number of different positions. The Astros are littered with spots where Paredes could play and given his athletic ability should play rather well. Brian Bixler being on the roster ahead of Paredes makes me wonder what Luhnow’s thought process is toward Jimmy. Could he use more time in AAA, sure he can but could this be his time in Houston regardless of that?

So, the day has come where I question Jeff Luhnow’s strategy but I’m sure within a week, he’ll do something great to change my mind. He could also call both these guys up and make this entry obsolete.  Either way, both these guys need to be wearing Astros’ uniforms and as soon as possible.