Astros’ farm system getting better by the day


Most Astros’ fans understood that choosing #1 would guarantee they’d be acquiring an incredibly talented player and help continue the rebuilding plan. That player was believed to be Mark Appel or Byron Buxton, either would have been a welcomed choice. Jeff Luhnow quickly shook up the baseball world and the Astros fanbase by selecting Carlos Correa. He would continue to rattle the cage by selecting Lance McCullers Jr with his compensation pick. Neither expected but both immediately sent a bolt of electricity through the Astros community. Two players with superstar potential and before our very eyes, the Astros top five prospects might be the best in all of baseball.

Are they the best top 5 in baseball, that’s debatable. What is not is that the Astros, for the first time in over a decade, have a legitimate shot at having a top ten farm system. Imagine these top 5 prospects going into next season: Springer, Singleton, Cosart, Correa and McCullers. That is a very good crop and let’s not forget about Jorge Soler or the fact we still have the top pick in the 2nd rd with some intriguing names on the board. Lets also remember the potential prospects we might get in deals for Wandy Rodriguez, Brett Myers and Carlos Lee. If you thought the influx of talent last season was dizzying, get ready for this July. The Astros could have one of the best farm systems in baseball by the time the trade deadline passes us by.

Now, challenges are all around the Stros’ and things could quickly dissolve for Jeff Luhnow. McCullers could decide even at above slot money, Florida is where he belongs and Jorge Soler might decide Chicago should be his destination. A fantastic draft could turn into a nice draft but until then its fun to debate on how good this farm system could become. Only a few years ago, the Astros had one of the most dreadful minor league systems in recent memory and a laughing reputation around baseball. Those laughs have disappeared and could quickly turn into worrisome smiles as the Astros continue to add superstar talent. Tomorrow brings a new challenge but the mission is clear, build the system and create a foundation that will last for the next two decades much like the Stros did over 20 years ago.