Rangers set blueprint in 4-1 win over the Astros


By no means am I ready to jump on the Rangers bandwagon or even get close to it. Just to make it clear, I own zero shirts, jerseys or hats that have a Rangers logo. That said, I do applaud and respect their organization and it’s been stated on multiple occasions that Jim Crane and Jeff Luhnow will follow their blueprint. Last night was another blueprint the Astros should follow closely, how to win games you’re not supposed to. Not that the Astros had the Rangers beat but the chances were there and the Rangers didn’t blink. The Astros would routinely win games like last night’s back in 1998, 2004 and 2005 but those games have killed the Stros this season. Only time and experience will fix that problem for the Stros and will create the same feeling the Rangers displayed last night.

Wandy Rodriguez was good, although not great, last night and and Natali Feliz was shaky but the Rangers found ways to score and their bullpen was solid. If you watched the game the Stros appeared to be in control most of the night but by the time anyone realized, the Astros had an uphill climb. The Rangers offense is fantastic but Wandy held his own on most occasions and yet he allowed three runs over his six innings. Feliz was all over the place and did not qualify for the win but still managed to side step danger most of the night. His future is bright but still inconsistent, that should be a good sign for the Rangers future.

The offense for the Astros had opportunities all night but it was the Rangers who would cash in with timely hits and Adrian Beltre would add some of the usual Ranger power. The Rangers won’t mash every night but their ability to win games like last night reminded me of the Bagwell, Biggio and Berkman lead teams who could outscore any team and also win games with clutch hitting. That will be the key for the Stros to begin winning games they shouldn’t, get the big hit when needed and hold on down the stretch. Hopefully, tonight, the Stros can begin to show what they’ve learned from one of baseball’s best teams.