Travis Buck working hard to earn a spot with the Astros


Coming into Spring Training, most of us simply assumed Brian Bogesuvic would be the guy in RF. We also pretty much assumed Jordan Schafer and Jason Bourgeois would be almost assured of spots. Well, that is why spring training exists and competition is so important. Travis Buck has worked his way into the mix and has made the Astros choice much harder than expected. With a productive spring, Buck could now possibly be in control of his own destiny as others around him have struggled. Buck still has a few obstacles to overcome and two weeks of action remaining but it looks more and more like the veteran non-roster invitee might have a locker setup for himself at Minute Maid Park come April.

Buck was one of Ed Wade’s last signings and mostly overlooked by fans. It was understood that Buck would be brought in as competition and possibly minor league depth. It appears as though Buck never received that memo and is making it almost impossible for the ‘Stros to look to someone else. Jack Cust has been nothing short of horrible and injured, Fernando Martinez has struggled after a quick start and Jason Bourgeois is now a member of the Kansas City Royals. While those around him are falling out of contention, Buck has taken off. If Brian Bogusevic doesn’t watch himself Buck might be starting in RF come Opening Day.