Colt 45’s Jersey’s aren’t PC


Recently, Astros Sr. Director of Social Media, Alyson Footer, wrote a blog post which included a mention of the “Flashback Friday” event the Astros are going to do this coming season. For those that are not familiar with “Flashback Friday,” basically, every Friday home game, the Astros will wear retro jersey’s from yesteryear to honor the team’s past. The rainbow jersey’s of the Nolan Ryan era and the Bagwell/Biggio grey and whites will all be donned on Flashback Friday this upcoming season, however, the complete Colt 45’s jersey’s will not.

The part of Footer’s blog that caught my attention was this:

“Flashback Fridays: the Astros will wear retro jerseys from past decades every Friday home game this year, starting with the Colt .45s (minus the pistol, which was deemed inappropriate to include on a uniform).”

Seriously? MLB and Uncle Bud can’t seem to put aside their political affiliations for a jersey? This is yet another reason why Bud Selig needs to be replaced as MLB Commissioner. I know he probably did not act alone in this but some of the decisions he makes (2002 All Star Game tie) and demands he makes (Astros told to open roof for Game 3 of 2005 World Series) are so odd that it proves that he has no business being the sole decision maker for the supreme baseball decisions that come with being MLB Commissioner.

I’ll try to leave my political beliefs out of this but does MLB really think that having the Astros get rid of the guns from a jersey that was only worn by the club for three seasons (1962 – 1964) is going to be a deterrent to violence? What does everyone think? No big deal or just another example of Selig’s questionable moves.