2012 Astros – team slogan ideas


Last season the Astros advertising gurus came up with another run of the mill slogan to market the team- We are your Astros.

I put the emphasis on your because I assume that’s how it is supposed to read. Of course the 56-106 team was ours. Who else would claim them? Attendance has steadily declined for the past three seasons and the Astros need a nice catchy slogan this year to help turn things around. Coming off the worst season in franchise history won’t make things any easier for Jennifer Germer and company. So I’ve taken the liberty of providing a few ideas of my own, free of charge.

I’ll start with the more upbeat slogans that optimistic individuals might find interesting.

See the stars of tomorrow, today

Building for the future

That’s about all I’ve got that might actually be taken into consideration by a sane individual. But where’s the fun in that? Those of us who follow the team closely, and I think that probably includes everyone reading this, would probably appreciate a more honest approach. Here we go.

It’ll be the last time we finish sixth

Hopefully better than terrible

The young and the hitless

Six months of hell

106 losses isn’t so bad after all

Winning is overrated

Okay, maybe a bit too honest. Maybe these last few are slightly more appropriate.

Under new ownership

We’ve got a decision scientist!

The N.L. Central farewell tour

American League Horror Story

Shooting for 51 wins in our 51st year

Can I see some I.D.?

Salary Dump part III

DH tryouts all summer long

Probably not so appropriate after I think about it. But hey, it’s all in good jest. No matter how bad it gets they’re still our Astros.