Astros brass interviews ESPN’s Keith Law


Jeff Luhnow made a couple of things very clear the day he was introduced as general manager of your hometown nine. He was going to change the vision and mindset of the Astros’ organization and Brad Mills would be the man to lead the on-field staff. Notice the emphasis on organizational change and no votes of confidence for any of the current scouting group. So when Ken Rosenthal and Paul Morosi reported, earlier today, that the Astros had interviewed ESPN talent guru Keith Law last week, it came as no shock. It made clear that Bobby Heck and company should not make any long term plans in Houston.Keith Law’s resume includes a stint in the Blue Jays’ front office, writing for Baseball Prospectus, and currently ESPN’s top minor league anaylst. He has become quite the twitter legend among fans for his grumpy yet colorful obersevations about trades and minor league acquisitions. While often hard on teams for prospect trades, he is considered one of the best when it comes to evaluations. I myself, think he is often way too hard on teams for their trades but that might be exactly what the Astros need in this critical time of their rebirth. The ‘Stros need a new persepctive when it comes to building their organization and one that is more in line with Luhnow and not so much the former group.

Jim Crane and George Postolos have done a tremendous job of reshaping their front office in such a short time. Bud Selig made it very difficult on the new regime but with the hiring of Luhnow and now a potential homerun with Keith Law, it’s a clear example of how hard they’ve worked to change the ‘Stros image. These moves may not end up working out but the direction being taken is certainly something many fans have been craving for a long time.