Brad Mills’ status still uncertain as the Astros search for a general manager


The Astros are still searching for the gentleman that will lead their front office for the next decade or more as they enter the Winter Meetings. It’s pretty much understood without a GM in place, the meetings will be more about setting up potential suitors for Wandy Rodriguez, Brett Myers and Carlos Lee along with what could be an interesting Rule 5 draft. One man who will be in attendance and have a say in most of the movement that does happen for the ‘Stros will be Brad Mills. Since the moment Jim Crane was brought into power as the new owner of the Astros, a cloud of uncertainty has swirled around Mills. Would Crane simply clean house from top to bottom or be judicial in his approach to restructuring the front office. Mills has survived Crane’s initial wave of restructuring but he appears far from safe.

It appears that any more changes to the organizational staff will be decided after a new GM is named and that could include Mills himself. George Postolos has meet with Brad to reassure the current Astros skipper but he has yet to meet with Crane. It certainly appears Crane is keeping his options open and will probably let the new GM make that call when the time comes. That could leave Mills in a very tough spot as a new GM will probably want his people in charge and might start a second wave of moves to change the face of the Astros’ franchise.

While Mills waits for his future to be determined, it’s worth noting, Brad was given a tough situation to try and maneuver. He has seen most of his veteran players dealt and the major league club completely re-made over his tenure, while cutting payroll significantly. He has made a number of moves that make us scratch our head and flies in the face of rebuilding but how much of that was Mills and how much was Drayton? Whatever the case, not only will Astros’ fans be eager to meet their new GM but so will Brad Mills.