Andrew Friedman Update


As I’m sure everyone is aware, Andrew Friedman is the Astros top choice as their new GM. It was reported earlier this week that the Astros had been granted permission to interview him and then all of the national media basically scoffed at the idea that Friedman would want to come to Houston.

Today, we have a new report. This time, its an interview from Johnny Damon, who played the 2011 season for Friedman and the Tampa Bay Rays. Damon is asked about playing next year and specifically, about his possible return to the Rays. Damon then said:

“I haven’t even talked to them just because our GM [Andrew Friedman] is a free agent,” Damon said. “He’s not going to sign me and then leave. If he goes to Houston, his hometown, he’s going to try and bring me along with him. That’s where my waiting game is.”

What’s to be made of Damon’s comments? Probably nothing. However, I think its pretty significant that an active ball player is basically saying that Friedman is entertaining the Astros offer, whatever it may be and that he has not had contact with him due to this matter. I personally believe that the Astros can land Friedman. I think an offer of GM, Vice President of Baseball and equity in the club should do the trick. Only time will tell, but stay tuned for more up to date information.