Astros to spend on free agents?


The assumption going into this offseason was that, besides a minor league signing here or there, the Astros would be fairly quiet in the free agent market. That scenario may still play out but Jon Heyman posted a very intriguing tweet this morning that might surprise some folks. Basically, that the Astros would be in play for one maybe two free agents this offseason. The news comes as a bit of a shock, considering the organization’s status and potential owner’s vote coming Thursday.

Does this mean that Crane already has an idea of what he envisions this year’s club to look like and he will come out of the gate flying, once the his ownership bid is approved? Two other points of contention, what type of free agents should he be looking at and who will be looking at those free agents? All these questions may be answered within a very short amount of time, if all goes well Thursday.