A quick intro and my view of the Houston Astros


First off, introductions seem to be in order, my name is Alex, and I’m happy to be the newest staff writer for climbingtalshill.com. As a life-long Astros’ fan, this is a very exciting opportunity to express my feelings about our beloved franchise. I fell in love with the Stros during the 1986 season, thought they would all be like that, and have enjoyed the ride ever since, whether good or bad. I hope everyone enjoys my honest and heart-felt work as much as I’ll enjoy writing my opinions and views for you.

On to the squad, they aren’t very good. We all know and don’t need me to tell you that, but it could be the Astro fan in me or maybe blind faith. I don’t see the franchise as the dismal organization others do. They are in the transitional state that all franchises go through before getting back on top, see the 1991 Astros for reference. In the coming posts, we will discuss aspects of Ed Wade, Bobby Heck and Jim Crane or Drayton McLane along with the impending move to the AL but for now let’s not get into those subjects. Ed Wade has helped the farm system go from horrific to average. I’ve never been so happy to be average, though at the cost of the major league team. But I think most fans would agree it was the right move.

So where do the Astros go from here? They have both youth and excitement on their side, which should provide them with at least a 2-year get out of jail free card. They now have impact prospects, that the franchise needed badly, while the major league product has a ton of young guys whom the city can rally behind like J.D. Martinez, Jose Altuve and Jimmy Paredes along with Bud Norris and Jordan Lyles on the pitching staff. Club veterans like Wandy Rodriguez, Brett Myers and Carlos Lee could and should be moved sometime during the season, adding more youth to the farm system and major league product.

I remember watching the 1991 Astros, being frustrated by their play one minute and ecstatic by a Ken Caminiti diving stop the next. Should we expect the future Cammy, Baggy or Biggio to come from this group, probably not, but the possibility alone is worth tuning into the 2012 Houston Astros.