Astros cut it close but sign first round pick George Springer


The Astros used every last possible minute to sign first round pick George Springer, sneaking a deal in right before the 11 P.M. deadline last night. The good news is that with this signing, along with third round pick Jack Armstrong, the Astros signed every one of their first 13 picks.

I think I would of been more annoyed with the Astros not signing Springer than any trade they made two weeks ago. The senior from UConn I think has all the tools and abilities to be one of the top players in the majors one day. Neither Springer or Armstrong have been assigned to a team yet but I think they would be heading up to the Capital Region of New York and start with the Tri-City Valleycats.

Steve Campbell says the Astros paid a little more than the slotted value set by MLB of $1.791 million by signing Springer to a contract worth $2.525 million. I think it is worth though because I do think very highly of this player and would not be surprised to see him with the Astros as early as next year. He will be 22 in September so as long as he has a strong rest of the season and a good spring training, I could see him with the Astros by this time next year.