tweet from Ken Rosenthal it sounds like tweet from Ken Rosenthal it sounds like

Pence to Phillies seems close


After reading this tweet from Ken Rosenthal it sounds like Hunter Pence will be a Philadelphia Phillie in the near future. The question is what are they receiving in return. Starting out Friday, the Phillies looked like the front runners but by mid day there was reports that Ed Wade and the Astros were not interested in the prospects the Phillies were offering.

So the Phillies tried to trade Brown to other teams to bring in the prospects the Astros wanted, which is supposedly pitching prospects. I have not heard of any imminent trades involving Brown or a third team so my guess, and my hope, is that Brown will becoming to the Astros in a deal. I think highly of Brown and think he will be a special player, hopefully with Houston.

I broke down the other prospects who could be traded in this article, who are included in the trade according to this tweet by John Paul Morosi. I would not be surprised to hear a deal announced later tonight, especially since Jonathan Singleton was pulled tonight from his game.