Classy Move by the Astros


Not much has gone right for the Astros this season but one story that happened earlier this month makes me proud to be a fan of the Houston Astros. In the draft at the beginning of the month, the Houston Astros used their 40th round draft pick to take Buddy Lamothe, a star reliever from San Jincto College, a small college in the Houston area.

On paper this would look like a great pick for the Astros however Lamothe tragically was paralyzed in a swimming accident about a month before the draft. This however did not stop the Astros from making this kid’s dream come true of being drafted by a major league team.

Richard Justice put together a great article about Buddy’s story on and his determination to not only walk again one day but pitch. Justice writes that before his accident Buddy was a hot prospect who at 20 years of age was already 6’4″ with a 94 mph fastball and a nasty breaking ball.

This move will most likely never affect the Astros performance on the field but it is nice to know that there are some things bigger than the game.