Astros’ Prospects getting some recognition


The general concensus is that the Astros farm system is in rough shape. So when there is good news about Astros prospects, its big news. Jonathan Collander over at Seedlings To Stars, a new site focused on the minor leagues, did a great write up on two Astros prospects. Jose Altuve, who I have given the nickname Mighty Mouse, might be short in stature but swings a big stick. He isn’t taller than most high schoolers at 21 years of age but recently got promoted to Corpus Christi and has some serious power for a middle infielder.

He joined Jonathan Villar, who Astros’ fans remember was a key prospect in the Oswalt trade, as the focal point of the article. Overall it was a good article and a great read and I would recommend it to any Astros fans looking to read up on some of the Astros’ prospects. The article can be found here.