Cast Your Vote in the All-Division World Series


Over the past few weeks and a couple of rounds of voting, we have finally got to the All-Division World Series, where it is an all East Coast affair between the AL East and NL East. Even though my allegiances side with the National League, I think the AL East has the edge in this match up. After the jump, take a look and see how I break down this epic battle or click here and make your own judgements.

Pitching Rotations:The NL East could have ran out the Phillies starting rotation and won this but then you throw in Josh Johnson and Tommy Hanson and this isn’t even a contest. Winner: NL East

Relief Pitcher and Closer: Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer in the game today and possibly ever and could win this category alone but throw in Rafeal Soriano, who would be a top 10 closer if on any other team and the AL East wins this category easily. Winner: AL East

Catcher: Matt Weiters may be the catcher of the future but he hasn’t produced much yet in his career so this category has to go to Brian McCann who has solidified himself in as a Top 5 catcher in the majors the past few years. Winner: NL East

First Base:You really can’t go wrong with either Adrian Gonzalez or Ryan Howard as both are young 1B just reaching their prime. However, Howard does strike out alot and this gives a slight edge to Gonzo and the AL East. Winner: AL East

Second Base: Another battle between two players that you can’t go wrong with. Robbie Cano came on real strong last year and won the Silver Slugger, Gold Glove and was an All-Star. Chase Utley is still a great 2B but has been an injury risk the past few years and this allows Cano to get the win for the AL East. Winner: AL East

Third Base: Evan Longoria almost single-handedly brought the Rays back to relevance and that is something that Zimmerman has not been able to do with the Nats. Winner: AL East

Shortstop: Derek Jeter for the longest time has been a top shortstop in the game, however he is past his prime. Hanley Ramirez has played on a sub par Marlins team and kept them competitive. Winner: NL East

Outfield:The NL East has a young outfield with a lot of potential between Stanton and Heyward who team up with the Nationals big free agent acquisition Jayson Werth. However, the AL East has speedsters Carl Crawford and Brett Gardner with the power bat Jose Bautista. The way it breaks down for me is Crawford is better than Stanton, Heyward beats Gardner, and Bautista beats out Werth. Winner: AL East

So with all that said, I think the AL East gets the win over the NL East in the All-Division World Series. Now that I have persuaded you, please take a moment to go and vote over at the website and pick who you think would win.