Vote for the NL Central


Over the past few weeks the lead writers of FanSided have been working to put together All-Division teams. Unfortunately there were not any Astros on the team. Although a case should have been made for Brett Myers over pitcher Jaime Garcia, who carried the Astros staff down the stretch. He pitched almost 70 more innings and 50 more strikeouts more than Garcia. His case just got even stronger today now that Adam Wainwright has gone down with what is being called a “significant injury”.

With that said, the Astros are part of one of the tougher divisions in baseball this year and should be recognized as such. The NL Central has the best first basemen in the game and they have a better collective outfield than the other two divisions. Right now, the NL Central is sitting in second place but with a good push we can quickly overtake the NL East.

So please take a moment and vote for the NL Central All-Division team.

Here is the link to the poll: