All Bail Cesar


Over the past decade the Houston Astros have earned and cultivated a reputation as a team that simply won’t go away. Despite early season struggles as annually expected as a change at third base, the Astros always seem to come back in the second half. They’re constantly persevering to make a run at a division title or at least to a spoiler role strengthening fans enticement for the following season. Little did Houston brass know just how quickly, and literally, newly acquired pitcher Cesar Carillo would take on this mindset. Carrillo was arrested in Tampa last night after returning to the same bar he was booted from 15 minutes prior.

The 2005 first round pick by the San Diego Padres faced the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino straight on last night and lost. Maybe he thought there was a shift change in the security department during the quarter-hour he was away. Maybe he attempted to disguise himself. Maybe he simply didn’t care and felt the fire in his chest of determination and though ‘I can’t be stopped. I won’t be stopped.’ I don’t know. But I do know 2 things; Cesar Carrillo is not a quitter, and the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino must be a pretty darned good time.

Much like his attempts to re-enter drinking establishments, Carrillo has not had a ton of success in pro baseball. His career ERA is 5.06 in 484 minor league innings. Carrillo has suffered injuries since the promise that got him drafted so early and he’s still just 26. I’m sure the Astros are under the assumption he can still find his stride and provide starting pitching depth. The September waiver claim will start 2011 at Triple-A where he made 27 starts last year, pitched 151 innings (his most ever), and compiled a 5.60 ERA.

After a few hours in jail, Carrillo paid his $500 bond and will most likely be faced with a fine but no jail time. Hopefully Carrillo brings his persistence to the Astros in spring training. The other players could certainly learn from it.