Gulf Shore


I’ve spent a good amount of this offseason discussing Houston’s prospects not only listing them myself but comparing my rankings to those of more respected, better known, and more intelligent evaluators. And not only because it’s the offseason and I couldn’t think of anything to write about, although that is certainly part of it. I do enjoy talking about what talent may come to fruition once through the pipes and annals of minor league baseball via bustling metropolis’ like Lancaster, Lexington, and Corpus Christi. It reminds me of nights alone in my recliner watching my stories when that program about the Jersey Shore kids comes on; Just a bunch of crazy kids trying to find their way in this confusing, mixed-up world. But anyways, I’d like to take a deeper look at a prospect I ranked number 8 but who was left off many prospect evaluators lists, Jose Perdomo.

The Houston Examiner recently ran an article about the Astros’ farmhands and mentioned Perdomo as a player to keep an eye on. They synopsized his 2010 season extremely well; RHP Jose Perdomo: Named MVP of Astros Gulf Coast League affiliate. He posted a 4-3 record with a 1.67 ERA in 11 starts, ranking second in the GCL in strikeouts (69), third in ERA, fifth in innings pitched and third in WHIP (0.98).

Perdomo was just 18, seeing his first action in the United States, and pitching in the extremely hitter-friendly Gulf Coast League (or GCL, not to be confused with Jersey Shore’s GTL). His exclusion on many prospect lists is probably due to his lack of experience and having not played above the Rookie-A level. But where has experience and tougher competition ever gotten anyone? The people on Jersey Shore have no experience acting or, well, doing anything and probably have never been faced with much adversity. And you know what? They’re millionaires on their own hit show. I love you, Jose.