I Hope You’re Listening, Santa


I’m overcome with Christmas Spirit as witnessed by those working around me what with the tinsel oozing from my pores. Anyways, I wanted to do a Christmas-themed post. If you’re possibly classified as politically-sensitive, then this is a Holiday-themed post. I’m going to share my Christmas wish list and while I’d certainly abstain from complaining if the Astros were to trade for Prince Fielder or win 110 games, I’m only going to list reasonable wishes with a decent possibility of coming true. I’d very much like to see Houston above .500 and competing for a division title and if most of these wishes come true, they should have a good chance of doing so.


I’d like to see the offense do the following:

  • Jason Castro hit .265 with a .340
  • Carlos Lee hit .270+ and 25+ HR
  • Chris Johnson hit .270 and 20 HR
  • Bill Hall hit .255 with a .320 OBP and 20+ HR
  • Clint Barmes: .250/.320 with 15 HR
  • Brett Wallace: .265/.335 with 20 HR
  • At least 350 PA’s for Brian Bogusevic


I wish for Houston’s pitching staff to accomplish:

200 IP each for Brett Myers, Wandy Rodriguez, Bud Norris, and J.A. Happ (without any arms blown out)

ERAs of () or better

  • Myers: 3.50
  • Rodriguez: 3.40
  • Norris: 4.15
  • Happ: 3.80
  • Figueroa(or whoever): 4.75


  • I wish for Delino DeShields Jr. to hit at least .300/.360/.410 in his first full professional season
  • Jordan Lyles pitches well enough in Triple-A to merit a late summer call-up
  • J.D. Martinez maintains his minor-league career line of .343/.404/.553
  • Jiovanni Mier regains his 2008 form

Thank you, Santa….