Feliz to St. Louis, Relief to Houston


What’s the only thing worse than signing Pedro Feliz to a $4.5 million contract? Trading for him during that contract period when he’s hitting .221 with just 4 homeruns and 31 RBIs in 97 games. But that didn’t stop the Cardinals from doing that exact thing, much to the Astros delight. I’d love to be in on those discussions.

John Mozeliak: “I’m interested in Pedro Feliz.”

Ed Wade: “Yeaaahhhhh. And I’m interested in Jeff Suppan.”

John Mozeliak: “No, seriously. We could use some thirdbase help.”

Ed Wade: “Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize the waiver wire was so desolate.”

John Mozeliak: “What would it take to get him?”

Ed Wade: While thinking ‘A bag of balls, Applebee’s gift certificates, cigarettes, anything of value…’ he saracastically says “A young minor leaguer with a live arm?”

John Mozeliak: In a Seinfeld-esque George Steinbrenner voice “You got it! Dan Carpenter. Dan Carpenter. We’ll send him right away!”

Ed Wade hangs up confused…

I can only imagine it went something like that. In any case, huge victory for the Astros. Houston will be sending some money along with Feliz to St. Louis to help with his contract but dumping any portion of his remaining salary and acquiring a talented, while raw, minor leaguer has to be seen as a plus in Astro nation.

Carpenter has only pitched since 2008 when he was converted from catching. He’s gone 10-6 with a 3.26 ERA in 116 career games. He’s still just 25 and is currently having his best season yet. In Class-A he’s 5-3 with a 2.36 ERA and 20 saves. Carpenter should stay in Class-A for the rest of the season. I guess with Jason Motte, the Cardinals didn’t have room for a hard-throwing catcher turned late-inning reliever. And their Carpenter position is currently held by Chris.

The other positive ramification of this trade? The Astros recalled Tommy Manzella who had been rehabbing in the minors before Pedro Feliz was even to George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Manzella hit just .212 before getting hurt so this isn’t an ‘instant offense’ move. However, he did go 15/41 in his 11 game rehab stint so maybe the shortstop feels more comfortable at the plate than he did before. The man who replaced him, Angel Sanchez, is hitting .291. And Sanchez has the same amount of RBIs as Manzella (16) in 23 fewer games so I hope he doesn’t lose too much time. With Keppinger ailing at the moment, Manzella and Sanchez will probably also both see some secondbase duties. In whatever situation, they’re both upgrades over Feliz.