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Hot Stove Rumors- Sunday Roundup

As you settle in for a football Sunday, there are a lot Hot Stove rumors to be aware of. It is important to remember to take all of the rhetoric swirling around for what it is, and not to fully believe any of it until it actually happens.

To varying degrees, today’s notes all impact the Astros. In some cases it directly impacts a player they could possibly pursue, but in other cases it will impact the offseason marketplace as a whole.

  • Speculation has been rampant that the Miami Marlins will deal their 23-year old slugging phenom Giancarlo Stanton this winter. As the Astros look to upgrade their squad, Stanton would look awfully nice in right field and more importantly in the middle of the order. Granted dealing for Stanton would come at a high cost to the farm system, but I think it would potentially be worth it. Regardless, per Marlins General Manager Dan Jennings, it does not look like Stanton will be going anywhere.
  • Barry Zito is now on the open market, and could be a low-cost veteran option for the Astros in the rotation. Yes he is 35 years old, and also coming off of a season that saw him put up a 5-11 record with a 5.74 ERA, but I think he might be worth a look. He already received $7 million from the Giants to buy him out, so Zito could come cheap. I am not advocating Houston should aggressively pursue Zito, but he should be on the list.
  • In the trade market, the Astros’ surplus of prospects and deep minor league system will be an asset. I have not seen much linked specifically to Houston and David Price, but the Astros will have competition as the Dodgers will be looking to make a trade for Price.
  • Houston will need to bring in a veteran closer with a track record for 2014. That is a must. Joe Nathan is available, at least on paper, and the Astros should investigate acquiring him. He will turn 39 before next season, but Nathan also saved 43 games and had a 1.39 ERA last season.

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  • John Stukes

    Maybe bring back Jose Veras as a closer again. Detroit declined his option.

    New paint, new shrubs, and we might be able to flip him again if other bullpen guys step up by July.

    • Ray_Kuhn_28

      That would work for me, and I think it makes sense as well.

  • Larry

    Well I just got thru reading a baseball site about 2014 Top 50 Free agents with Predictions. And they say the Astros are looking at Ferendo Rodney could get a 2 year deal & Jesse Crain could get a one year deal. But the Detroit Tigers are getting Shin Soo-Choo. I sure hoping maybe the Astros would go after him plus getting David Murphy.

    • Ray_Kuhn_28

      Sign me up for both of those relievers. Im personally not the biggest fan of Rodney, but he is a talented pitcher with a track record in the ninth inning locking down games. Crain is a perfect fit, and quite honestly more of what I’m concerned about getting. Last season Veras did very well from the closer spot, but it didn’t matter at times because the rest of the bullpen was so bad.

      Let someone else sign Choo – he is already 30/31 years old and he can’t hit lefties. Plus he is going to sign for above his market value

      • astrosince1975

        Crain was having a great year until being sidelined by a shoulder injury. He didn’t pitch at all in the second half of the season, so I would be concerned about that.

  • Larry

    Hi Ray, I see the Astros are hitting the rumor mill again. No pick ups as of yet. Only two moves (1.) The Oakland A’s picked up Pitcher Philip Humber & the Miami Marlins pick up Outfielder Jimmy Paredes. But I hear on the rumors are that the Astros are interested in this players. Outfielders Marlon Byrd & Nate McLouth, Relievers Jose Veras & Francisco Rodriguez & Starters James McDonald & Roy Halladay. But I have some questions on these players. Why Marlon Byrd & Nate McLouth. I thought the Astros was looking for more Home Run power plus a extra outfielder. I would still maybe go after David Murphy as the extra outfielder & make a trade for a Alex Rios or still Giancarlo Stanton. On the relievers I would go after a middle relief a Matt Albers or Ryan Madson & I say maybe a Francisco Rodriguez but I still like Ferendo Rodney as closer. And on starters James McDonald I saw what he has I don’t like what I see as a starter for the Astros maybe a Colby Lewis of Phil Hughes. And what is the report on Roy Halladay is 100% ready to pitch in 2014. Stay turned things are making but still no one is a Astro yet.

    • Ray_Kuhn_28

      Neither moves surprises me as each of those players didnt have a role on the 2014 Astros and were really just roster fillers last year.

      Agreed that Byrd and McClouth arent big power hitters, but neither will require compensation and Byrd can hit 20. The price tag wouldn’t be crazy and they are legit veterans you can plug into the lineup. I’m fine with Murphy, would love Stanton but it doesnt appear he is available.

      I would be fine with any of those pitchers to be honest.

  • Larry

    Ray, I been wanting ask some writers that know a lot about the Astros. But never think of it til it’s too late. But I know it now. What would take for the Astros to beat the Texas Rangers. Ever since our hitting & our pitching has not been the same since Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio & some of the good pitching what has happen & what would it take for the Astros to beat the Texas Rangers. Just like this year the Rangers was in their losing mold and as soon as the Astros was going to play the Rangers we lost 12 in a row. I think we did to know what we need to beat the Rangers. And the Astros get beat pretty hard. Just hoping the Astros can find the right players in 2014.

    • Ray_Kuhn_28

      I think it is very possible, might just take some time. I don’t think the Astros will lose 12 in a row against the Rangers again this year. The main thing, is that we need internally generated players to play big roles. Once Springer, Cosart, Castro, etc really get rolling then I think it will truly be time to talk about wins and losses as a true measure of success.