4 catchers Astros should keep their eyes on by the trade deadline

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Cincinnati Reds, Tyler Stephenson
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Reds: Tyler Stephenson

The Reds aren’t likely to trade Stephenson, but the Astros could make it interesting for them to consider a trade. Stephenson is slashing .286/.344/.437 with an OPS of .780 and four home runs with 24 RBI. The Astros could send Korey Lee and Jason Castro to the Reds along with Franklin Barreto to make a potential trade happen, maybe adding a Single-A starting pitcher.

Adding the 25-year-old catcher wouldn’t jeopardize the team’s future at the position as we would just be exchanging a young prospect for a young up-and-coming star, and the Astros would instantly double the average and OPS at that position, while retaining veteran Maldonado.