An Astros Fan’s Top-15 Jerseys in MLB History

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Kansas City Royals
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10. Kansas City Royals All “Powder” Blue

This is the uniform popularized by the iconic George Brett incident from 1983, with the Royals bringing this jersey back for this upcoming season.

Houston Astros, Jim Wynn, Cesar Cedeno
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9. Houston Astros “Shooting Star”- Orange Logo Version

Ah, finally a Home Team jersey. This is the original jersey the team wore when moving into the Astrodome, and it lasted from 1965 to 1970. It was followed up by the same jersey, but with the logo in blue, which personally I do not think was nearly as good.

St. Louis Cardinals
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8. St. Louis Cardinals Powder Blue

This jersey was originally worn from 1976 to 1984, with the Cardinals and Nike bringing it back in 2020 (for good reason). Personally, I think this is the best powder blue jersey that ever was released. Cardinal red and powder blue are just perfect.

Boston Red Sox
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7. Boston Red Sox White Jersey

One of the most iconic jerseys in baseball history, the Red Sox have worn a version of this jersey since 1909. It’s simple and easy on the eyes, while also portraying the hard-nose spirit of the city. There is a reason it hasn’t been changed very much in over 100 years.

New York Mets
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6. New York Mets 1980s

As the 1986 Mets are one of the most memorable World Series Champion teams, for good or bad, this jersey has become a staple in MLB jersey lore. It is very similar to the Mets jerseys that came before and after it, but the shoulder and sleeve piping is what sets this version apart. The New York club wore this jersey from 1983 to 1990.