Astros: AL West Season Preview and Prediction

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Sean Manaea
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Oakland Athletics

There is no doubt that the Athletics are tanking this year in hopes of a rebuild. The A’s have traded away almost all of their marquee players for prospects and have rebuilt their farm system. With a long-standing struggle in besting, the A’s are playing the long game and hoping to wait out the Astros talent, which could take a long time.

They are hovering the bottom of the standings for a few years.

Texas Rangers

Even though the Rangers have made strides to better their team in the short offseason, they will end up not very close to the top of the heap in the standings. The one saving grace the Rangers have in the West is that they are usually a thorn in the side of the Astros and win games they shouldn’t on occasion.

Especially adding the big bats they did this off-season, the Rangers will not be a pushover this year, making them possibly the best divisional fourth place team in MLB, a dubious honor.