Notice to Astros arms: pitch clock enforcement is coming

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As mentioned on the previous slide, last fall I noticed a batter, singular, that didn’t step out of the box between pitches.

In the other 70 or so plate appearances, every single batter stepped out after every single pitch, whether the bases were empty or full, the count 0-0 or 3-2, the score 0-0 or10-0, but nobody talks about that.

MLB has obviously researched this issue and decided the pitchers were at fault or at least that’s the way to address the issue, and I get that, after all, the play can’t start without them being ready, so perhaps my complaint is just semantics.

If the pitch clock results in the batters staying in the box I’m all for it, however it’s presented and portrayed to the public. But if the pitcher is ready and the batter is going through the routine described above, who’s fault is that?

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I’m sure the rule is well thought out and includes restrictions on batters stepping out or going through their between pitch routines when the pitcher is ready, because in my mind that’s a large portion of the problem, whether it’s being presented that way or not.