4 trades the Astros should consider in 2022

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Houston Astros, Kendall Graveman
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No. 2 With Yimi Garcia and Kendall Graveman elsewhere, the Astros could add another high-leverage bullpen arm.

This is the most important trade, but also possibly the easiest one to get done. If the 2021 World Series said anything, you know that we need more bullpen help, especially with Graveman now leaving.

It should not be difficult for Click to deal some Triple-A guys at the deadline and pick up some solid relief from some non-contenders. It’s basically what he did at the past trade deadline, but we need a bit more.

Who should the Astros get? Depends who is having a good year when the trade deadline comes upon us to be honest. In my opinion, relievers usually aren’t good for very long, so it is hard to predict who will be at that point.