6 Teams Astros Pray Aren’t In Contention This Season

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New York Mets

Reasonably the team here should be the Philadelphia Phillies as the Astros could pursue Aaron Nola whose contract ends in 2024.

Also because the Mets, no matter how far out they are, will never be sellers because owner Steve Cohen has a never ending flow of cash he’s willing to put into the team and even if they’re 0-81 at the all-star break, he’ll always be looking to add rather than subtract.

But I wanted to have fun and fantasize about the insane package that could go down if the Mets decided to do the unthinkable and trade Jacob DeGrom. DeGrom’s current teammate Max Scherzer is two years older than him and just signed a contract for two years worth $43 million a year.

DeGrom has a player option for next year worth $30.5 million. According to FanGraph’s dollar value tool if Scherzer is worth $43 million a year then DeGrom is worth $50 million a year.

Even for Steve Cohen, that may be too much to swallow. So let’s say the Mets hypothetically are clearly out of it by the trade deadline. It would take a lot to pry DeGrom away even for a half season. It would most likely mean either Luis Garcia or Cristian Javier alongside Hunter Brown or Pedro Leon and then two more prospects.

But for half a season of DeGrom, Verlander and McCullers Jr., not to mention that rotation in the postseason.

It would all but virtually guarantee the Astros a World Series appearance you would think.

Some fans may find it a hard pill to swallow to give up on Garcia, the second place finisher in Rookie of the year voting last year, but if it guaranteed you another World Series trip, wouldn’t you trust you’d be bringing home the trophy with DeGrom, Verlander and McCullers?

Maybe we do miss him down the road but if you want to win this year, I can’t think of a more dominant rotation in the big leagues if this trade went down.