Former Astros Chances at Entering Hall of Fame

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Curt Schilling

As of now, Curt Schilling has the best chance of getting in needing a four percent bump to make it.  His time with the Astros was limited to one season as a relief pitcher before being traded straight up to the Philadelphia Phillies for Jason Grimsley.

As much as Astros fans like to crow about fleecing Boston for Jeff Bagwell, this one is arguably the worst the team has ever been on the receiving end of. After that trade, Schilling was a six-time All-Star and had three top two finishes in the Cy Young race.

His most famous game of course is game six of the 2004 ALCS (AKA-The Bloody Sock game) where Schilling had his ankle tendon sutured and the blood from the stitches pushed up against his sock making for an added level of drama in the Red Sox historic 3-0 comeback on their way to a championship.

He’s best known as an Arizona Diamondback where he had his most dominant years and could have had a Cy Young if not for his teammate Randy Johnson. For a frame of reference for younger Astro fans, they were the Justin Verlander Gerrit Cole tag team of their day, finishing two years in a row as the one and two vote getters for Cy Young in 2001 and 2002.

Schilling would certainly go in as a Diamondback and could already be in the hall, but some would say the hesitance to let Schilling in has more to do with temperament than talent considering some of his controversial off-field comments.

It’ll be close but I think Schilling just gets in on his final year.