Astros: 3 free agent shortstops that aren’t Carlos Correa

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Houston Astros, Trevor Story
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Although on the older side of free agents, Trevor Story’s bat would fit nicely into the Astros’ lineup.

Trevor Story is slightly older at 29-years-old and likely more affordable, but then again there are reasons for that. Story was average offensively and that’s with monster splits in Coors Field, batting 93 points higher at home than on the road (.203/.292/.426 on road) which brings into question what offensive numbers he’ll bring without 81 games in Coors Field.

Story’s defense also suffered in 2021 with a -7 outs above average. Story has been up and down defensively from season to season, being below average some years and popping at 18 OOA in 2019, before heading back down in 2021. It doesn’t scream bargain, but there are those who like him.

Summary: Average bat, questionable defense, Coors splits concern.