Houston Astros: Comparing the 2005 World Series lineup to 2015 ALDS team

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Oct 11, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Astros left fielder Colby Rasmus (28) hits a single off of the roof against the Kansas City Royals in game three of the ALDS at Minute Maid Park. Astros won 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Batting Cleanup:

Colby Rasmus and Morgan Ensberg

The outspoken minor league instructor Ensberg had he best season of his career in 2005 as the Astros leading RBI guy. The 2015 Astros did not even have a player come even close to the numbers that Ensberg put up during that World Series run in 2005, but unfortunately Ensberg’s career went down hill from there where he was out of baseball after 2008 at the age of 32. Fittingly, the Cardinals top prospect Rasmus made his debut in the 2009 season. While Rasmus never fully lived up to his promise, he did have one of his best seasons with the Astros in 2015. He is currently a free agent coming off a historical playoff run at the plate, has probably played his last game in an Astros uniform.

Ensberg’s 2005 stats: .283/ 86 runs/ 36 homers/ 101 RBI/ 6 steals.

Rasmus’ 2015 stats: .238/ 67 runs/ 25 homers/ 61 RBI/ 2 steals.

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Batting Fifth:

Evan Gattis versus Mike Lamb

Raise your hand if you remember who Lamb was, okay you look weird raising your hand in the middle of the office. Lamb came into the picture more with Jeff Bagwell‘s degenerative shoulder. Berkman had played the outfield with Bagwell on the team, so Lamb was used quite often to pinch hit or play first. Gattis was acquired this past offseason that seemed to trigger Astros fans to think that the ‘process’ period was winding down. I wrote about Gattis yesterday here: Looking at Evan Gattis’ struggles in the playoffs. In a team that hit a ton of homers in 2015, Gattis led them with 27 homers. You either love or hate Gattis, but he will be here for the long run as this was only his third MLB season.

Lamb’s 2005 stats: .236/ 41 runs/ 12 homers/ 53 RBI/ 1 steal.

Gattis’ 2015 stats: .246/ 66 runs/ 27 homers/ 88 RBI/ 0 steal.

Batting sixth:

Carlos Gomez versus Jeff Bagwell

I was the biggest Bagwell fan, and he is one of the reasons I became so passionate about the Astros. However, I felt so bad for Bagwell during that series because he was not even the player he was in 2004. The end came too quick for Bagwell, so it was good that he at least got to play in a World Series. He should be in the Hall of Fame with Biggio, but it will be up the baseball writers to get him there. Gomez was the primary trade acquisition of the 2015 Astros at the trade deadline, giving up top prospect Brett Phillips. Gomez got off to a slow start with his new team but heated up at the end of the season before suffering an intercostal strain. Gomez is signed through 2016. Hopefully, he gets off to a better start in 2016.

Bagwell’s 2005 stats: .250/ 11 runs/ 3 homers/ 0 steals.

Gomez’s 2015 stats: .255/ 61 runs/ 12 homers/ 17 steals.

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