Astros ALDS Roster Predictions: Who Makes The Cut?

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Astros ALDS Roster Predictions: Outfielders

Austin Swafford: George Springer, Carlos Gomez, Evan Gattis, Preston Tucker, Jake Marisnick, Colby Rasmus

Issa Cook: Springer, Gomez, Gattis, Marisnick, Rasmus

Aric Cisneros: Springer, Gomez, Gattis, Marisnick, Rasmus

The outfield is where the biggest dilemma arises. Austin has Preston Tucker making the cut while Aric and I do not. I like Austin keeping Tucker in there, as he had had some clutch at-bats this season and provided a spark late in games when the Astros needed it most.

I feel like the Astros would be losing a piece of their soul by removing “Bam Bam” from the roster, but it’s a necessary cut. Tucker just isn’t as versatile as Villar, and that’s what it comes down to. I like Tucker better as a hitter, but in the playoffs, the little things stand out. Villar does those little things better than Tucker, and that is why he will be on the roster.

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As far as the other five guys, I’d look for Springer to have the greatest impact on this series from an Astros player. You can’t tell me that he doesn’t want revenge against the Royals for sidelining him for eight crucial weeks. I think he’ll come out with an even greater passion and intensity, and be the catalyst in the Astros lineup.

Hopefully, Gomez can stay healthy, and Rasmus can keep Astros fed with a steady diet of Colby Jacks. Gattis might hit a home run in this series while Marisnick is just so valuable because of his defensive ability and speed.

Overall, I’m beyond excited for this series. Astros fans have waited a LONG time for this day, and it’s finally here. Enjoy it people, but believe that this team isn’t just happy to be in the playoffs, they’re here to STAY.

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