Houston Astros: Plugging in the Astros first base/DH Holes

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A.J. Reed (Photo by Brett Coomer-Houston Chronicle)

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My recommendations would be as follows: Singleton and Reed both on the team as the starting 1B and DH, with Reed missing the first dozen games for team control purposes. Non-tender or trade Carter, Gattis and Valbuena, clearing $15M+ in projected salary off the books. Keep White or Duffy to spell alternately Singleton and Reed vs. lefties and back up Lowrie at third.

In a way, the Astros in-progress collapse may be aiding this desired outcome long-term. I would much rather win the division outright, but an optimal 2015 team result may lead to complacency and a decision to return with Gattis and Valbuena, with the team overlooking the fact that correlation does not imply causation. Luhnow is a logical fellow, but the same people who keep trotting Gattis out there as we speak – and keeping Singleton in Fresno – are the ones who will decide the 2016 roster.

Gattis, Carter, and Valbuena are part of the problem, and we have solutions. Let the kids play.

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