Astros Rumors: Does Luhnow have to trade Appel and Phillips?

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Is Reed Untouchable?

AJ Reed (Photo Credit: Richard Guill)

First Base

Okay, many people will probably not agree with me, but unless Jon Singleton goes crazy while/if Chris Carter goes on the DL, A.J. Reed is the first baseman of the future. I see a baby Paul Goldschmidt when I look at his stats. He may not possess the speed that Goldy does, and he bats left-handed, but he does share some of the other tools. For another post, I will go deeper into this comparison because I really think it’s accurate.

Blake wrote about him Houston Astros: A.J. Reed is the next Mega Prospect, and I interviewed him here Keeping Up With the Houston Astros Prospects: A.J. Reed. Do we have backups? Yes, but they are not on the same caliber of Reed.

Matt Duffy

Currently at Triple-A, but is held back by the roster spot of Chris Carter. In the 2015 season, Duffy has a .288/ .351/ .453/ .804 slash line with 11 home runs and 66 RBIs. While he has had a good minor league career, he is not a top prospect. Once the Astros decide to cut the cord on Carter, he will be up.

Conrad Gregor

Gregor is currently at Double-A after being drafted in 2013 in the same draft as current top prospect Tony Kemp, he has a slash line of .248/ .343/ .367/ .710 with four homers and 42 RBIs. I interviewed Gregor here. Leading Off First with Conrad Gregor (w/Interview).

The Astros will give Singleton every possibility to get him going because they got him to extend his contract. Was it a mistake to offer a player who had not played one game an extension like that? Maybe he has put too much pressure on himself to earn the contract, and it has created a mental block that causes him to struggle in the majors.

Reed’s 2015 stats (Baseball-Reference): 330 AB/ .342 AVG/ 77 Runs/ 23 HR/ 83 RBI/ 0 SB/ 1.072 OPS.


I am not saying that Reed is untouchable, but his potential in a weak position in the Astros system could make him so. I can’t see any deal where the Astros would have to give up Reed in a trade unless it’s to get Goldy himself. Just pulling your leg, we all know that Goldy will go to the Yankees to finish out his career once he’s done with Arizona. Also, I doubt too many people outside of Houston know who Reed is. (I’m kidding, everyone does)

Follow along with a fake trade discussion between Luhnow and Jocketty. Faux Astros trade discussion between Luhnow and Reds’ Jocketty

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