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No One is Watching the Houston Astros

Here we go again. Yes, the on field performance of the Houston Astros is not doing much to turn the tables, but this is now the second straight year that we have to hear about no one watching the team.

It is the headlines that are the problem. The fact that they gain national traction does not make it any better. But they also aren’t completely false.

The problem, is that headlines are bad. And they are not going away anytime soon.

There is one simple fact here; no one is watching the Astros on television. If you stick just to the headlines, then yes, it is no one. But that is not entirely accurate. Some people are watching Houston play. It is not many, but there are a few variables to consider.

The main one, is that not that many people can. And the measuring system used is less than accurate. Plus, the game in question was in the afternoon on a Monday.

Per the Nielsen Ratings, no one watched the Astros’ 9-1 loss to the Angels. But we know that is not true. In reality all we know is that of the 579 people whose televisions were on during the time of the game, none of them were viewing it.

Yes, this is a problem. However, the bigger issue is that there are only about 500,000 fans in the Houston area that are actually able to watch the Astros should they choose to do so.

This is a problem that is not going away, and it will only continue to get worse. Per Nielsen’s math and measurements, they only estimated that about 11,500 people watched the Astros game the following evening against Toronto.

I can’t speak to the actual validity of these numbers, but I also can’t imagine them being too far off. The issue though, is that these are the statistics that everyone is seeing. I can’t imagine that advertisers, the network’s lifeline, are all too happy with the viewership.

Something needs to change. And fast.

Perhaps more importantly, the Astros need the cash influx they are owed from Comcast to improve the team to make them watchable.

The Astros say they are owed more than $27 million in unpaid rights fees by CSN Houston, and the Rockets are owed more than $36 million.


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  • [email protected]

    Get the kids up
    Can stay
    The rest to the bench

    • Ray_Kuhn_28

      I’d have Castro stay as well. But next man in. The minor league system is stacked and keeps on winning, thats not a secret.

  • Leif Daddow

    Well people aren’t bending over backwards looking for the Astros on TV. I am a lyalist and had no idea it was on ESPN2, just saying. But I did watch the Rangers play today on Fox…. funny… they are still televised! You know if the Houston Astros were televised daily I would much rather watch them. I hate watching my nemesis play baseball, but that’s whats available. So if Jim Crane or Ryan Reid or Jeff Luhnow happen to read these blurbs to see what their fans think…. I am watching the competition play instead of the Astros…. Fix it or continue to lose your fan base…..

    • Ray_Kuhn_28

      The borderline fans are going to be lost if they can’t watch the Astros. It is also going to be more enjoyable to watch baseball on TV as opposed to following along on a computer. Regardless of all the legal stuff, the bottom line from last season, is that this starts and ends with Crane. He let it get to this point last season and hasn’t been able to fix it.