Mike Foltynewicz (photo by Tammy Tucker)

Astros ask Folty to cut his Flow

There is a lot of cool stuff going on Kissimmee, Fla. at the Astros Spring Training. We’ve got new additions in Dexter Fowler playing alongside future stars like George Springer and Carlos Correa. With all that  going on, you may have missed this tidbit of news.

Mike Foltynewicz, Houston’s 2010 first round pick, cut his hair. Not just any hair. This hair was special enough to have its own twitter account. Folty had been growing out his hair for over a year and seemed to be pretty proud of it.

However, Bo Porter seemed to have a problem with “Folty’s Flow” and asked him kindly (read: locked him in a barber shop) to cut his hair.

According to Houston Chronicle beat writer Evan Drellich, the team wants everyone looking “clean” all the time.

I’m sorry, but with all due respect to the Bo Porter and the Astros, that is absolutely ridiculous. You are a baseball team, not a group of politicians. You’re playing a game. So what if a 22 year old employee of yours chooses to have long hair? Why should that matter to anyone?

I think the majority of baseball fans scoff at the Yankees and their policy of only signing players who agree to stay clean shaven and wear short hair, and that is a program with a tradition of excellence.

I don’t care if the Astros run players out on the field in torn up athletic shorts, hawiian shirts and a mullet down to their knees – as long they win. Even if they don’t win, I don’t care what they look like. I think Houston needs to calm down a little bit.

The Astros are not the Yankees – they never will be – and that is perfectly fine with me.


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  • dougieG

    This is a croc. Lil Bo P needs to chill out. I’ve always admired the guys like Folty and Fields who are willing to go against the current convention of uber short hair-styles. By this logic, we are supposed to believe that Brian “Mohawk/Amish Elder” Wilson and Sergio “Castro” Romo are “clean” and Tim Lincecum is not? Ridiculous!
    I think Bo’s been hangin around Hayden Fry too much. These guys are adults and professionals and should be treated as such. What does it matter what they look like? They’re not going to be seen on tv, anyway, by the majority of their fanbase!

    • Tyler Stafford

      I agree, they are professionals. But still, it’s just a game. I don’t care how their hair looks.

  • 1oldpro

    I guess if you’re a lousy manager, you have to try to become something else. The Giants two recent titles were the first thing that I thought of reading this and what a level headed manager they have. Tony D, please don’t leave before Luhnow wakes up?

    • dougieG

      Couldn’t agree more on the Tony D. plug. I think he’d be great for this group of guys!

    • Tyler Stafford

      I don’t think Porter is a lousy manager, I just think he may have overstepped a little here. My personal belief is that the team should be doing everything to keep its young talent in a happy and entertaining environment in order to win. If that means long hair, so be it.

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