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Astros inventing new ways to lose

Losing 110 games in one season isn’t easy. I mean, you’ve really got to get creative to post such a big number in the loss column. Last night the Astros found a new way to lose. If you haven’t seen it already, the following video is sure to become a classic.

Astros catcher Matt Pagnozzi’s spike of an attempted pickoff throw allowed New York’s Eduardo Nunez to race home with what proved to be the decisive run in the Yankees 2-1 win.

Saving their worst for last, the Astros will take the field for Sunday’s season finale on a franchise record 14-game losing streak. During that time, the offense has completely disappeared. The Astros have scored fewer than three runs in 12 of the 14 losses.

This team desperately misses Jason Castro. Jose Altuve is the only player in the lineup that has been remotely productive. Jonathan Villar has dropped 40 points off his batting average in the last ten days, but Bo Porter continues to pencil the young shortstop into the leadoff spot as if he had no other choice.

Altuve’s mad dash home (all the way from second base) on a groundout to the shortstop was the only thing separating the Astros from being shut out by a 41-year old pitcher making the final start of his career. Andy Pettitte retired 12 of the last 13 batters to record his first complete game since 2006. Way to make him earn it, Astros.


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  • 1oldpro

    The Astros starting lineup featured one batter, Altuve, with a BA above the MLB avg, which is .256. Three starters were hitting below .200.
    The Astros did not figure out a new way to lose. They used the tried and true method: worse hitting, worse pitching and worse defense than your opponent.
    As much as I want this to be over, I bet Jeff Luhnow wants to it much more than I do. On the field, in the front office and on the television and the radio, this has to be the worst season for any baseball team, ever.
    Let’s start anew with lots of pink slips.