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Comcast debacle is widespread

Fans in Houston aren’t the only ones feeling the pinch of the Astros new RSN and its “unavailability”. With only 48 hours remaining until the Astros season opener, the network is still only accessible to a small number of fans in the region. What makes things especially bad is the fact that MLB blackout rules prohibit fans in four states from watching Astros games — even if we are willing to pay money!

Residents of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas are all affected by the ridiculous territorial blackout rules governed by MLB. The games are available to purchase via and MLB Extra Innings, but not for most of us living in those states. Depression is setting in with the few remaining Astros fans — the hardcores, who are accustomed to watching almost every game. Yes, there are plenty of us out there — and we are feeling ignored. Here’s how some of these fans are expressing themselves on Twitter.





This is what those of us in San Antonio have to put up with.

“Now, all of our marketing muscle and initiative is to make the Rangers Texas’ team,” said Jon Heidtke, senior vice president and general manager of Fox Sports Southwest. “It’ll be 150 games, April to the end of the season, all Rangers all the time.”

While the Astros drag their feet, the Rangers have seized the opportunity. The Rangers are winning in San Antonio and the rest of the region could soon follow. FSN has widespread availability. Currently, CSN Houston is available in about 40% of Houston. Comcast Cable also provides the RSN to customers in Houma, La Place, Monroe, and Shreveport Louisiana, as well as Little Rock Arkansas. Coastal Link Cable in Brazoria County is also carrying the RSN. But that’s it. The rest of us are S.O.L.
Obviously the “I want CSN Houston” campaign isn’t working.  Earlier this week  Mayor Parker made a public plea for both sides to get the deal done. Since then there has been little to no movement.



Jim Crane keeps using the term “fair market value” in seeking “a good deal for the future of the team”.  According to everything I’ve read, there is little to no chance the Astros will bite the bullet and accept a discounted short term deal. That would seem to be the logical solution since Crane “wants the fans to watch the games”.

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